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-A Rookies Adventure in Trout Paradise- is the first part of the documentary series "Walkabout". In the first film, you may follow Sarita and some of New Zealand's best fishing guides on a great fishing adventure.

The series "The Red Thread" is fly fishing. Fishing will bring Sarita to exciting places on different continents. She meets interesting people and get to learn about their passion for nature and wildlife. We will visit various Natural and Environmental projects around the world.

In 2014 we will produce "Walkobut in the Wild West." Montana's trout will be visited by WW. Ranch Life will be experienced from the saddle of the American Quarter Horse. Together with experienced guides, we will be traveling on horseback, deep into Yellowstone National Park. We hope to capture many fine trout with fly rod. And through the camera lens to experience wildlife up close. Grizzly bear, mountain lion and other exciting species we hope to see during our adventure in the wilderness.

Other projects that we are doing research in the Americas. In the deepest Amazon will Sarita to fish for peacock bass, Redtail catfish and Paco.

We will visit the research center, which works with endangered animals blah turtles. Participating in the process of hatching turtles and follow their hazardous journey to the sea.

Follow Sarita and her Team's adventures via blog.

-A Rookies Adventure in Trout Paradise- available to order in WW's shop.