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The sun is high in the sky we glide silently into the mangrove area. The tension is unbearable. Three pairs of eyes sweeping over the surface of the water to find what we seek. A Permit would be a perfect score.

Our guide for the day named Enrique . He is from Cancun Fly Fishing and complain to us that it is difficult to catch a Permit. He counsels us to search for Baby Tarpons instead. After an hour's search, we decide to leave the area and search for the silvery tarpon.

Snookaroo, which is the boat's name, gliding quickly through the water. It is very shallow at times no more than 50 cm. Enrique has been fishing in the area since childhood. First with his father and his brothers and now he works as a guide for tourists like us. He knows the water and know where all the small basis is. Turns left and turns right, it's like riding an attraction at Liseberg. Fort is also the case with regard to keeping the hat.

We are in a wonderful lagoon system at Isla Blanca in Caribiska sea . The area is known as the Grand Slam area which means that there are great opportunities to capture 3 different types of fish in one day. If you have real great luck so make a Super Grand Slam (4 varieties in one day). The fish we're after is Bonefish, Tarpon, Snooker, Permit and Barracuda.

Getting to the fishing camp from Cancun takes about 1 hour. The roads are very bad when leaving the agglomeration. But it's worth it to bounce around in the car to get to experience a day in the lagoon.

The equipment I use is a rod called ECHO trip 9'0 # 8 (8 split), a roll of Danielsson XLW 6nine . On the reel is a backing of over 200 meters ( CLIMAX Gelspun ). Fly line is from Scientific Anglers and is called Saltwater .

Our guide had Sageutrusning on the boat. It was with the wizard's rod I managed to take my first Tarpon !! (Unfortunately, so did Marie on changing fly on my ECHO rod)

I had naturally acquired flies Tropskt fishing guide but wanted us, he used the flies.

Return to the fishery. It is most common way is to perform fishing from a boat. There are flats of sand and clay, but it's not worth wading, then it is a very soft bottom. One can instead slip into the boat in creeks that are not deeper than 30 cm.

Eleven says Wizard, and I put out the line for a small mangrove "island". It takes me three throws before I hook tarpon. I'm too excited so I pull the rod straight up in the air, as I am used to doing in Svenka water. Here it must draw the line with his hand horizontally to get the hook to attach to Taponens hard mouth.

Now begins the fight. This applies to tire out tarpon. It does no longer rushes but jumps across the surface is pretty cocky :) It's a cool feeling to get his first Tropical fish on the hook. The wizard gives me advice on how I should handle the situation.

Then tarpon finally in my possession (at least for a short while)

It's no big Tarpon without a Baby Tarpon as they say. The size is about 60 cm and weight somewhere between 4-6 kg ??

This was my only catch this wonderful day. I had 4 fish at once but I did not manage to hook them. But a trip like this gives more flavor. Our tour was 8 hours - and it went fast. People are on edge all the time.

Thanks Enrique for a very nice guide :)

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