We gather at kläckrännan located in the Black Valley, South Bohuslän. The time is 18:00, it is not getting dark yet but it will not take as many minutes before we have to turn on our headlamps.

It's a happy bunch who are really passionate about fish care. The level of knowledge is high among the guys. I am privileged. Getting the fish follow the care up close is a rare luxury.

I got the guys to pose when the work was finished. It simmered already coffee inside the cottage. Now it would be good with something in your stomach. Donald had been so go that he had brought coffee from yesterday's board meeting.

It must be cleared and cleaned ... .. This planned approach ... ..

Dom stainless tubs must be cleaned and then disinfected. Kläckrännan contains 4 large kläckkar and some 30 smaller fry boxes. Here, the ova hatch 10,000-20,000 annually. At best you get out 50% of the eggs / fry fish in the lakes and about 2-3% survive then ready for catching fish.

Out of 10,000 roe so it will hopefully be around 250 fish.

The boys scrub the walls clean and clear away leaves and twigs from the ground.

Krister controls the water temperature. It is located at 10 degrees this evening. Now we hope not too abnormal temperature conditions, good water and a good supply of oxygen in the water.

An interesting story about fish care can be found in Swedish Fishing No 4/2012.

Visited my favorite store yesterday ...... .. EL-GE Sportfishing in Gothenburg.

This time I had set their sights on the store's deepest corner .... flugbindningsprylarna !!! It's time to start tying some tiny flies for my next adventure. It is New Zealand looming and where needed something minde size of the flies than what we are used to here at home in Svedala.

The goa young people were eager to help :):) Since I am relatively new to flugbindningsområdet so I Suck at me all the information that they pour over me. This time it was Oscar who gave me a helping hand.

I imagine the material to a few varieties to begin with. Parachute Adams to be tied in small sizes, 16-22 it will be. Have never committed on such small hooks before so it will be exciting.

Parachute Adams will probably be the fly that I fish most with. The there will be many of the fly ash. Another fly that I think will help mg a lot in NZ's Royal Wulff

The 3rd fly I will try me on a Peasant Tail . There will be both tungsten and without Cones. There's a lot of deep pools to get into so you have to have good weight on the stuff.

Now I shall give me at the bindery so we'll see what becomes of this. Can imagine it will be a bit fiddly with all small ......