Laurenz as fishing guide and owner of the company "Fly Fishing Aruba" , will guide me for 4 days in Aruba. Then I hope I've gotten lots of great tips on Hot Spotts :) so that I can handle myself!

We will visit the Mangrove area to try to catch Tarpon .

In this picture I am posing with my first BabyTarpon I captured in Mexico in 2012. Read more about the trip in the blog post "Mexico"

During this trip, so I hope to meet "Big Mama Tarpon" .......

We will wade in the elongated the flats to look for bonefish.

Now I really yearn to Caribbean :):):)

Many tips and advice available on EL-Ge Sportfishing page. Check links "Tropical fly fishing" & "Equipment for tropical fly fishing"

2 Comments to "Laurenz of Aruba ......"

  1. Lenita Olsson says:

    How wonderful you will get it in Aruba :-) Good training with fishing guide given next trip! Ok ... you can get these big finned friends, I get impressed sister :-)

  2. Sarita says:

    You can imagine how gaaaalen I will be if it turns out a monster at the end of the tippet ...... .. Or you could say liiiivrädd :)

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