After a wonderful day at Angling Fair in Jönköping, I have finally come into place in the hotel room. A short little posts must be written and some goa images must have its place on the blog. Have met so many wonderful new and old acquaintances during that day. The hours have flown away and I thank myself that I made the decision to spend two days at the fair.

It took us (with me Jenni & Jorgen) several hours before we got through the first exhibition wing ...... .. Met wonderful Fjällor in their booth. There was the usual lot of laughs .... Took me to the Angler's booth where I found one of my favorite guys, himself Johan Klingberg. He showed his new book, I had the honor of that already bind some flies from. Got me a signed copy with a personalized greeting :) Took the opportunity to leave John a copy of my "Sneak Peek Trailer" from my upcoming movie Fly from New Zealand.

Now the bin applicable. Tomorrow is a new day ......

Seatrout Premiere 2013

We met already at 06.00 ....... 6 pieces of fish-hungry Fjällor meet at the parking lot at Amundson, Gothenburg, this cold 1 April morning. Warm attire we have for it is many degrees below zero which meets us when we step out of our cars.

We go quickly around to the outer side of the island, where we are greeted by an ice cap ... .. Is not there any possibility to get to open water. We will go to the Northern part of the island where we find open water surfaces.

A happy bunch of Fjällor ......

The water is shiny but the ice will get stuck in our snake guide, making it difficult to get to some long throws ;)

After an hour or so warming rays of the sun. It has started to get more people to the island which also has hopes of hooking the first trout. The cords fine wines in the air and the mood is on top .......

My Danielsson reel aired this lovely April day.

We had time for a coffee break and another oxå ;)

Bent rod may remain an illusion that Seatrout Premiere ...... That we were not alone. There were no cries from some quarters on the island that day. We spent at least a wonderful day together ....... Better luck next premier. Now one has to seek happiness with sea trout on the home plan instead. Hoping to keep the trout off Ammenäs year ;)

Thank you all Goa Fjällor for this day :)