Eat, watch movies, and sleep is what we have to entertain ourselves with during the 11 hours we spend at Thomas Koch Airline's aircraft. In the end, we see a lush island approach on the big blue that we have faced over many hours. The pilot makes a soft landing and it takes only a few minutes before the first heat soltrålarna our soltörstande Scandinavian skin.

Balcony with sea views existed among our requests regarding room on Tamaijin. This was met by a wide margin ...... The beach, just steps away from our balcony. With hindsight, one can say that here we got to enjoy several of the most beautiful sunsets that the Caribbean has to offer.

Wednesday came and it was time to do the first tour with "Laurenz of Aruba." I had Tuesday night looked through all your own packed fly fishing equipment, repackaged it in my Orvis traveled. Photo- & filmutrusningen was inventoried. Before I put the clock at 5:00, all the equipment was placed neatly next to the front door, ready for tomorrow's adventure J

However, had difficulty falling asleep, was probably nervous about missing the alarm ......... ..

Laurens drove his pickup to the hotel entrance just after 6:00. We chatted a little during the 10 minute short trek down to the port of Oranjestad, where he has his flatsbåt placed. The sun is trying valiantly to defeat the dark of night while wearing Laurentz rods, landing net and other fly fishing equipment to the boat. A fully stocked cooler box with supplies also placed in the boat.

We glide quickly through the turquoise water, the sun has now taken a bit over the horizon and we are approaching the Mangrove area where we will spend our first day of fishing.

Once in a beautiful lagoon Laurentz shut off the engine. We discuss the current set up. He tells us how tarpon chasing and where I should place the fly.

You have to put the fly so close Mangoveträden as possible. We're talking about margins of 10 cm ...... so it is very easy to fly stuck in a tree instead of the perfect location that would be desirable.

I'm really on edge, adrenaline pumping ... .. Now it ...... I wonder at the bow of the boat and begins to wear on the throw to the Mangrove trees.

We rub in a few hours .... It starts to get really hot when the sun well have taken his position. It feels shoulders when one roll after another after another.

We have yet to see someone Tarpon nor any Snooker. Suddenly Laurent caught sight of something coming towards us in the water.

-Tarpon 11 o'clock 30 ft ... .. wait ... wait ... you see them ... .. Now cast ... .. Strip ... Strip STRIP ...

Shit happens now ... I get too carried away just when tarpon grab my fly ... .. Raises wand skyward instead of doing mothugget L Oh no ... lost ....... Make the most common mistake L But it was certainly exciting.

Now run it running properly ....... But I miss hooking all Tarponer chasing my fly on this day. The result is 3-0 to Tarponerna. But I'm happy anyway.

We glide into the beautiful harbor of Oranjestad, where Laurentz has its mooring.

We end our first day. I am very happy even though there was no fish.


Laurenz as fishing guide and owner of the company "Fly Fishing Aruba" , will guide me for 4 days in Aruba. Then I hope I've gotten lots of great tips on Hot Spotts :) so that I can handle myself!

We will visit the Mangrove area to try to catch Tarpon .

In this picture I am posing with my first BabyTarpon I captured in Mexico in 2012. Read more about the trip in the blog post "Mexico"

During this trip, so I hope to meet "Big Mama Tarpon" .......

We will wade in the elongated the flats to look for bonefish.

Now I really yearn to Caribbean :):):)

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