Now it's approaching departure to Aruba. The small wonderfully beautiful island to be visited for a few weeks. Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean, 2 mil from the coast of Venezuela. The island is only 3 mil long and 1 mil wide. Southwest side of the island offers very fine angling opportunities.

On Aruba it is (almost) always sunny and the average temperature is 28 °. Often it is a soothing sea breeze over the island, which cools. Hurricanes will virtually never to Aruba, where the island lies outside the hurricane belt. And possibly rain will hardly disrupt your holiday, because it does not fall more than 408 mm of rain per year, and rain villages tend to be very short. This does not sound so bad right.

Nature of Aruba is special and in no way typical of all the Caribbean islands. On the west and south coasts can be found elongated, white beaches, which periodically elected to the world's most beautiful. On the northeast coast, the island's windward side, the beaches on the other hand, barren and rocky. The hinterland is characterized by meter tall cacti, low bushes and boulders.

We found a hotel named Tamarjin. Located entirely beside the turquoise waters. The icing on the cake, we opted oxå a room with an ocean view :)

As the island is not particularly long, I have very close to good flats to go and fish. But I will start my days with a native guide named Laurenz. "Laurenz of Aruba" It sounds something there. Can not be anything but good :)

The company is called Flyfishing Aruba , there are oxå on Facebook Flyfishing Aruba.