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Those of you who already likes Wilderness Woman also get the option of a further 2 sets. What you need to do is put a fish picture of Wilderness page, you are in the draw :)

During the Aruba trip gathered at me about 30 hours of film. The film is from 2 Gopro cameras (Gopro Hero 2 & Black edition) a Sony Nex 20 . Also has some stills that will be fine to use in the film from my Canon 60 D.

Using a tripod is essential. Pictures are so much more professional looking ... ..

Underwater scenes were filmed with Gopro camera. Some days I have managed to get myself a "filmmaker" other days so I have to settle with shooting only with my Goprokamera.

All files are now handed over to my goa editor. Should be exciting to see a rough cut. Will not be seeing it until the end of January when I return from my New Zealand adventure :)

Visited my favorite store yesterday ...... .. EL-GE Sportfishing in Gothenburg.

This time I had set their sights on the store's deepest corner .... flugbindningsprylarna !!! It's time to start tying some tiny flies for my next adventure. It is New Zealand looming and where needed something minde size of the flies than what we are used to here at home in Svedala.

The goa young people were eager to help :):) Since I am relatively new to flugbindningsområdet so I Suck at me all the information that they pour over me. This time it was Oscar who gave me a helping hand.

I imagine the material to a few varieties to begin with. Parachute Adams to be tied in small sizes, 16-22 it will be. Have never committed on such small hooks before so it will be exciting.

Parachute Adams will probably be the fly that I fish most with. The there will be many of the fly ash. Another fly that I think will help mg a lot in NZ's Royal Wulff

The 3rd fly I will try me on a Peasant Tail . There will be both tungsten and without Cones. There's a lot of deep pools to get into so you have to have good weight on the stuff.

Now I shall give me at the bindery so we'll see what becomes of this. Can imagine it will be a bit fiddly with all small ......

Should you spend a month in the wilderness, so must the equipment work flawlessly. One of the pieces of the puzzle to get the most out of the adventure is to stay on his feet. That is not to ingest anything inappropriate from the water that you are surrounded by.

Acquired a water purifier, Katadyn Pocket Micro Filter. Spied even on the smaller variant Katadyn Vario. It is a big seller in Sweden. Why did I then Katadyn Pocket. Safety considerations are paramount something I never compromise on my trips. I wanted the best cleaning system that the market had to offer. A quality product that is robust and that always works even in extreme conditions. The weight is 550 grams.

Since we are a team of 4 people, it will go to a lot of water. We calculate with 2-3 liters of water / person / day, depending on how hot it is and how tough day trips we will do.

A good link to check out is "Why do I need a water filter"

To keep down the packing weight so it's dry food that apply. Today was the Mediterranean Pasta with chicken on the menu from the Blue Band. Do not think they have the Blue Band in New Zealand but there may be someone else Expedition Meal as a country in the South has to offer.

This day I fixed lunch in my Jetboil . Incredibly fast and weighs only 345 grams. Lenita and Anders will use my camping stove Primus Eta Pack Lite

I will tell you more about the equipment to be in NZ in the next blog post blah backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, GPS, fishing equipment, etc.

"Workroom" a dream ... ..

To get the real feel when I write my blog posts so the loft is furnished for the purpose.

I like to have my stuff organized and easily accessible. My favorite magazines are easy to read in an organizer on the wall. DVD movies that give me inspiration during the dark winter months, shares space with well-stocked fly boxes.

Bindarhörnan is well-used. As a beginner, you have to spend hours mååååånga among threads and feathers before they filled a fly box. Likewise, photo corner. It is widely used by both me and my fishing buddy Tom Gustavsen. To get the best possible lighting so I have made ​​a lightbox. (Read more about the light box under the equipment category)

My friends sometimes ask me. - Sarita, what are you most interested in? Fishing or everything around with equipment, fly fishing on the computer ... .. What if I get a new Harry !!!

Boat Show 2012

Minus 20 degrees and the north wind. Ice fishing was canceled today! Perhaps just as well, but the day has to somehow be about fishing. No Problems .... Boat Show in Gothenburg is the visit. Get in the car and 1 hour later so you go around in boats and fishing stuff.

Scouts in Linders boat of special design for us fish nutters. Good platform in the bow where you can stand and swing his fly rod. Chairs for coffee break :) The boat had been good to me and småkillarna then we go around among the islands to catch the West Coast Seatrout.

Have been checking out some other boats for fly fishing. Tracker has some good models. But I have a specialbåt and again this year. A home-building may become :) But it will be perfect for us on Ammenäs.

Check out the pictures of the red menace. It had all looked like if it came sweeping through islands with this monstrosity.

But there was something you are forced to buy ... .. It had to be a flotation suit from Fladen. Model 848 Certified as Lifeboat Costume. The price structure was good during the fair in 1895: - (reduced price to SEK 2900:-) It comes to good use when I shall on ice next time. Will any good at the premiere trout if it's really cold and windy.

When you stand on the lawn and wielding his rod back and forth. Johan gives instructions to both me and Michael. Think of the throw. Make sure that you get a smooth rolling of the fly line, then it will be a good presentation of the fly.

The technology fits Mikael is a more powerful. He prefers the feel of the lump in the line .... For me it fits the slightly quieter roll style.

John takes up his favoritspö from his car. -If You try this rod so you can blame yourself says Johan me. You will be completely sold.

I take my hand now that will be my drömspö ... .. Sage ZXL 8'# 5 Oh wow, such a wonderful feeling to throw with this rod. And so amazing fancy my fancy Orvisrulle fits .... I feel that my Orvis reel is not complete without a Sage ZXL ....

May 9: Today is my birthday ....... My friends and family have asked me. -What Do you want, Sarita? No, my answer has been. I have everything I need! But oh what I deceived me.

The birthday present I got from my brother Roger, my niece Caroline and her boyfriend Reimo really was a page turner in my life.

I did not believe that a fly fishing set would mean a big change in my life!

A Guideline ACT rod 9ft # 6, a Kumorulle with a floating line. Some trout flies of chromatic colors.

My joy and smile was so big that it cramped in the corner of his mouth. Absolutely wonderful such a great birthday present.